Wednesday, November 1, 2017

31 October 2017 - The Universal House of Justice, Community-building process after Bicentenary celebrations / Response to celebrations


31 October 2017

To the Baha'is of the World

Dearly loved Friends,

Reports continue to stream in from all continents, but we will wait no longer to communicate to you our unbounded joy. The outpouring of love and esteem for Baha'u'llah witnessed around the world at His bicentenary has moved us greatly. In settings of all kinds, from homes to stadiums, His life was celebrated with the utmost devotion and remarkable creativity. At many a gathering, guests outnumbered the Baha'is several times over; in some island nations, participation may be measured as a proportion of all the inhabitants.  Truly, we confess our astonishment at the flood of grace Baha'u'llah has poured forth. And in every precious effort made to honour Him, we recognize the wholehearted striving of each believer to attain a full share. With all that transpired, we know that every one of you will wish to reflect on the implications for the progress of the Cause in your own locality. We urge you to see in each person who responded to your invitation a potential protagonist in the community-building process. Consider how conditions may be created that would enable many to walk this path together. Connected to the transformative power of the Revelation, every soul can draw closer to Baha'u'llah, grow in capacity, find joy in service, and learn to assist others. The results of the magnificent effort you have made offer tremendous promise--but fulfilling that promise will require fortitude. Let the forces released in this period lend impetus to your personal and collective endeavours during the remainder of this bicentennial year and, indeed, through all eight cycles leading up to the two hundredth anniversary of the Birth of the Bab. With our expectations heightened and our hearts imploring divine favours on your behalf, we give praise to the Ancient Beauty, a fresh glimpse of Whose soul-entrancing glory He has in these days chosen to disclose.

[Signed:  The Universal House of Justice]

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